City of Oaks

Half marathon. Count me in….it’s official! I just registered. Here’s proof…

So, all you runners out there, what  are your tips for training for a half?



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2 responses to “City of Oaks

  1. Anna

    Yeah girl!! I just ran 10 miles last night…my half is in about a week and a half. Here’s the training plan that I’ve been following that I told you about. It’s great if you want your workouts to be planned for you (which I find easiest!):

    You rock!!

  2. Steph Parker

    Oh man, I have so many tips… let’s chat about this!! Every runner is different, but I’ll be happy to share what worked for me (training distances, running frequency during the week, diet the day before long runs, etc). And this is a great race to run. Jake is probably doing it again this year. I would, but I’m not sure how feasible that will be with Belle coming late August….yay! This is going to be such a great adventure for you…and what a sense of accomplishment it brings!

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