Kate’s [1st] Birthday!

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Kate’s big day! I was literally looking more forward to her party than Christmas…and y’all know how I love Christmas! But this was such a huge milestone…and it’s hard to believe how quickly we’re already here. Celebrating ONE YEAR! Woohoo!

Another reason I was so excited was because we were literally going to have most all of our families together at our house! We love hosting, and we really love our families so this was going to be a super fun weekend. Adam’s parents came from Pittsburgh, and his aunts and uncle came from Michigan and D.C. Of course, my family only lives 40 minutes away, so they were coming, plus our close friends that are more or less like family.

We kicked off the weekend with a celebratory dinner at Shucker’s (one of my favorite places! Check out my recommendation here). As you may recall, Kate shares her birthday with Adam’s Uncle Jim, so we wanted to make sure he knows that even though there’s a new kid in town, we’re still happy he was born. 😉


When Kate was just a few days old I had already decided I wanted to do a ladybug themed first birthday party. I love how black and red look together (Go Pack!), and seriously, how cute are little ladybugs? I had a lot of fun prepping for the party. I had all of these things I wanted to do (thanks Pinterest), and spent time each night after she went to bed to make the invitations, banner and put everything together. I am so thankful I had the help I had to make it all possible! Adam’s mom and aunts were God sent! I couldn’t have pulled it off without them.

First off, the invitations. I found the tutorial here, and then went off to Michael’s for my supplies. I’m really happy with how they turned out, however, I wouldn’t recommend making these for parties larger than 20…they are pretty time consuming. If you want me to send you the Word doc file so you can edit the invite for your party, send me an email at themillerliteblog@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to send it to you!


Then I hit Etsy, another one of my favorite sites, and searched for something for Kate to wear. I ended up with a long sleeve onesie and a dress (that came with a matching bow!)…I love both of these so much! I also found a custom cake bunting. The awesome chalkboard sign was made by my friend Carley with Life Passionately. We also used all of these items in Kate’s one-year portraits, but more on that later…


The food was my favorite part! It was so fun coming up with bug themed dishes. The menu included butterfly pasta, ants on a log, grasshopper cookies, ladybug caprese salad, bugs in a blanket, caterpillar fruit skewers, ladybug (chocolate) cupcakes, yellow cake, bumble bee lemonade (lemonade with blueberries) and sweet tea.



Believe it or not I bought most of the decor from WalMart.com. I shopped online and had everything shipped to the store; it was the easiest shopping experience! Their selection was cuter than any other I found, and everything was super inexpensive! (Side Note: There is an instagram account called @whoawaitwalmart that you NEED to follow. You’re welcome.)


The party was so much fun! Lots of friends and family came. Kate LOVED the cupcake, she even cried when I tried to take it away from her. For party favors, I just got little red bags from Michael’s and put miniature candy bars in them. I printed a simple label to thank everyone for “buzzing” by. The ladybug on the door came from Carolina Pottery. Here are a few more photos from the party…enjoy!

DSC_0013 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0052 DSC_0076 IMG_1228

We did one-year portraits at Lundie’s, and we should be getting those proofs next week. They were a lot of fun, and from what I saw on her camera, she got some really cute shots. I can’t wait to share them!


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2 responses to “Kate’s [1st] Birthday!

  1. You did a fantastic job!!! I need you help me with Lawson’s 2nd Toy Story Birthday party 😉

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