30 Before 30

I’ll be 30 this year. Feels crazy typing that…I still feel 18! My resolution for this year (less time on my phone) turned into more of a challenge. I made a goal to read 30 books in 2015 before I turn 30 years old. So far I’ve read two…

1. Read All About It! A Kit Classic 1

Kit Book 1

I think (okay, know…) I was way more excited about Kate’s Christmas present than she way. As a child I always wanted an American Girl doll but never got one. So when Kate got Kit from her aunt and uncle, I was eager to learn all about the doll I always wanted! Kit’s first book was a cute story about a young girl growing up during The Great Depression, and all of the trials she and her family endured. It was a quick, easy read to start my journey with a little momentum! Looking forward to the other Kit books.

2. Promises to Keep by Jane Green

Promises to KeepI bought this book as a gift for my mom a few years ago. I started reading it but never finished…this time around, I really enjoyed it! I have read other Jane Green books (Jemima J is my favorite!), and I found this one to be a little different. It’s inspirational, and sad…so make sure you have a box of tissues nearby!

Next on the list is The Book Theif by Markus Zusak…from those of you who’ve read it, what are your thoughts? I’ve heard really awesome things about it…

I am open to suggestions from you all…so please, please share your favorite books! I’ve also signed up for the Good Reads App, so if anyone is on it, follow me. Can’t wait to get my read on!! 🙂


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