Happy Everything

Happy 2015! I cannot believe how quickly the past year happened. Seriously. Time slow down….and I’m sorry I’ve basically hung you all out to dry….life is busy, even busier when you have an almost one year old ::omg!:: and you’re trying really hard to hold on to every single second of your time with her because she’s growing up so fast! Whew! And have you noticed how no one blogs anymore…

Anyway, here’s a real quick rundown of what happened the second half of last year:

1. Adam, Kate and I moved to a new house (we finally sold our other one!). I love it. It’s everything I ever wanted in a house…what a blessing! I am so, so thankful and I enjoy it every single day! I’m so excited to raise our family in this home.


0012_Capitol City_10_05_2014 0057_Capitol City_10_05_2014 0076_Capitol City_10_05_2014

2. Kate celebrated her first Thanksgiving! Adam and I hosted (at our new house!); My mom, dad, brother and great uncle came over…we really broke in the two new ovens…NOT! But we will soon…although I did bake a homemade pumpkin pie (and by homemade I mean I used the Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Butter*, added eggs and cream and poured it in a Pillsbury dough – the best!) Actually, we took the easy route and bought the meal (sans pumpkin pie) from Peppers. It was delicious. If you haven’t eaten there, you should.

DSC_1154 DSC_1162 DSC_1169 DSC_1174 DSC_1184Turkey 2014

3. Baby girl went on her first plane ride to visit Mimi and Grandpap in Pittsburgh for Thanksmas (Thanksgiving and Christmas). I was really worried about how she was going to do, but she impressed me! We gave her a bottle at takeoff and she slept the whole hour-ish. It was great! Same on the way home…proud mama moment. 🙂 We had a wonderful time in the ‘Burgh! We ate delicious food, watched a simply beautiful movie (The Hundred Foot Journey), and enjoyed time with family. We even got to see little Berk! Doesn’t get much better than that!

plane selfie


4. Christmas was a blast! Kate actually sort of got the whole gift thing. She opened her presents and even said, “ohhhhhh…” and “whoa!” I was impressed…until she was more interested in the wrapping paper and the boxes than what was inside. She, of course, was very interested in the tree, all the lights and the ornaments. We put the “Kate-friendly” ones near the bottom and the fragile ones up top and it worked out just fine. Unfortunately though we took the decorations down on NYE, which is SUPER early for a girl who loves Christmas. Oh yea, and the Santa visit didn’t go so well…maybe next year!


Stocking_2014 DSC_0033 family 2014 Ornament Presents Santa

I think that does it…all caught up! I’m working on Kate’s birthday party now…here’s a sneak peak of the invitations. I can’t wait to share all of the details after the party (January 31). How did we ever plan parties before Pinterest?


*For more pumpkin butter recipes, go here. Don’t they sound delicious?!

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