Kate: Three Months


Sweet Kate,

This past month has been full of changes. I went back to work and you started daycare, for starts. That was a huge adjustment , and it still isn’t easy being away from you. Everyone told me that it gets easier, but to be honest, I think it gets more difficult. As you get older and more aware of your environment (and selfishly, me), I want to spent every moment with you. Seeing you explore and learn makes me see life from a different perspective, as if I’m experiencingΒ it for the first time. And your sweet smile completely melts my heart. And it melts often because you’re one smiley little girl! πŸ™‚

Your dad keeps asking me when you’re moving upstairs to your nursery, but it’s really hard to let you go up there all by yourself. Yes, we have a very open concept plan, so it’s not like we can’t hear you that well. Yes, we have a video monitor, but it just isn’t the same. I’ll move you to your crib when I feel ready.


Tummy time is becoming more fun! You are able to hold your head a little stronger and even turn it from side to side. You’re so cute with those little cheeks and wild hair. I’ve really got to figure out how to tame that hair! If your hair is any indication to your little personality, we are in for it!

You still enjoy bath time, which is great! We give you a bath every other day since your skin is a little dry…we don’t want to dry it out too much!


You have discovered your hands and it’s entertaining to watch you. You literally stared at your hand the other night for half an hour! I can’t wait to see what you do with those hands…who you help…what you discover…

You’re eating up a storm! No doubt you have good eating habits. We haven’t weighed your, but we think you’re somewhere around 12 lbs. You’re wearing 3-6 month clothes.


You bring such joy to our lives each and every single day. I can’t remember what life was like before you!

Love you so much!

Mom and Dad

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