Baby Dedication and My 1st Mother’s Day


I think it’s pretty neat that baby dedication at church fell on the same day as Mother’s Day! It’s def a day we will always remember. Adam’s parents and Aunt Cindy came to visit for the weekend and stayed at our house. It was fun having them all here; I love a full house! We all enjoyed each other’s company, and they really had a good time with Kate (of course).

After the baby dedication service, we had everyone (Adam’s parents, Aunt Cindy, my parents, Evan and Great Great Uncle Royce) over to our house for a brunch. We had plenty! Get a load of our spread…


Kate gave me a journalΒ she and Adam started. They plan to write notes, draw pictures, etc. in it each year (in the place of a card). I can’t wait to look through it once Kate gets a little older and begins writing her own messages. It will be fun to see how the book develops over time.

They also got me a band with diamonds and amethyst, Kate’s birthstone. It’s beautiful!


I am so grateful to be Kate’s mom, and cannot wait to watch her grow. I am thankful for all the mother’s in my life who have provided a great example. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


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