For Sale


Our house has officially been on the market for about a month! We have received a few offers, but haven’t gotten THE offer yet…I have a feeling it will be soon though! We are getting a lot of activity.

There is another exciting element to this whole transaction, and that’s I’m listed as the co-selling agent! So with that responsibility, I have done all of the marketing (flyers, virtual tour, etc.) so I can gain real experience.

So, what’s next? Adam and I have decided that we’re ready to build! Since we love our neighborhood, the people, location and amenities, so much, we have picked out a lot on the next street. We are going to work with Capitol City Homes (duh!) to build it, and I literally couldn’t be more excited.

We have decided on the Salem floor plan and I’ve started gathering my ideas on Pinterest. Of course we don’t want to move forward with building until our current home sells, so right now I’m obsessing over all the design elements. I’m really finding inspiration from Chip and Joanna Gains’ show, “Fixer Upper,” so more of a modern farmhouse…I can’t wait to really get started and see how it all comes together!



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3 responses to “For Sale

  1. ooooh this is going to be fun!!!

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