Kate: Two Months


Dear Baby Girl,

Happy two months! These past couple of months have been the best of my life! You are such a joy, and ย I am so proud to be your mom. You are 11 lbs 4 oz (52%), and 22.25 inches (43%); you’re growing up so quickly! I’ve already had to pack some of your clothes because you don’t fit into them anymore! Which is wonderful! Keep growing tall and strong! We’ve been busy lately…


Last Friday you had hernia surgery. The staff at Wake Med was so impressed with you! You couldn’t eat for several hours before your surgery, and despite being hungry you were still a sweetheart! (This was the first time you took a pacifier and actually enjoyed it. Since the surgery you haven’t really wanted one…every time I try to give it to you, you spit it out within the minute!) As they wheeled you away, I began to tear up a little, but you were so brave! The procedure only lasted about an hour, and you did well! You have been recovering nicely, and were back to your normal self the following day. Grandma Miller came to help us while you were on the mend, and we thoroughly enjoyed her visit.

photo (5)

While Grandma Miller was visiting, we went shopping at Crabtree mall where you met the Easter Bunny! You were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you. Since there was no line the photographer took several photos of you. When you woke up, you were hungry so you only let us snap a couple more before you lost your patience.


Speaking of sleep, you are a really good sleeper! You have slept for 6 hours straight on several occasions! I am particularly happy about this, as you know I need my rest. It’s so fun sleeping in with you! You usually wake up every day around 6:30 am, but after a quick diaper change and being fed, you are right back to sleep until 8:30 or nine! I’m going to miss this when I go back to work.

photo (11)

Monday will be your first day at day care, and my first day back to work in nine weeks. I am so fortunate to have had this time with you, but it’s going to be a tough transition no doubt! I know you’re going to enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a new environment. You are so observant and just love to look around! You make it easy to take you places…we’ve been to dinner several times, and shopping, as I’ve mentioned, and we were even going to take you to the movies once (our plans fell through), but that just goes to show you how polite you are in public. ๐Ÿ™‚

You also like to watch my mouth when I talk. Once you even tried to mimic the sound I was making by rolling my lips. It was too cute!

photo (8)

When you get cranky and your dad and I can’t figure out what to do, we draw your attention to the ceiling fan and you seem to calm down instantly. Surprisingly you love bath time! GG helped me give you sponge baths at first, but now that we have the hang of things, you had your first real bath in the tub this past month!

photo (4)

You love to be held and are learning that when you cry, we pick you up. I’m not totally convinced that you fully grasp this concept yet, but it doesn’t matter. We love holding you! You also really love pulling the blankets up near your face. This is soothing to you, but it scares me sometimes because I want to make sure you can breathe. But it is too cute to see you lovingly holding on to your blanket while going to sleep.


photo (10)

You still get the hiccups frequently, and I hate to say this publicly but it’s the truth, you’ve been having some pretty rough gas issues lately. We have switched your formula (when you aren’t getting milk from mama) to a more gentle make-up, and that seems to be helping. Since you are going to daycare soon, I wanted to make sure you were prepared (and enjoyed) taking a bottle of formula. You are so easy going, you picked it up instantly and you love it.

The sweetest sound I have ever heard is your little voice! You’re beginning to talk to us, and it’s music to my ears. Although I wonder what you’re trying to tell us… ๐Ÿ˜‰

photo (7)

Everyone always comments on your hair! I mentioned in last month’s post that we call you Kamer Baby sometimes because your hair is so wild. It’s getting better, but it still has a mind of it’s own. Your hair is also changing color; it is lighter now with an auburn tint. So pretty. I still wonder what color your eyes are going to be…I’ve read it’s not permanently determined until nine months. Right now they are a gorgeous, deep blue. No matter what color they turn out to be, I know they will be beautiful!

photo (9)

Well I think that about covers it for now…we learn something new about you every day! It is so much fun discovering what you like and don’t like, and watching your personality unfold. I am so eager to find out more about you!

Love you always and forever,

Mom and Dad



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