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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to the blog! I have been busy soaking in all of the sweet moments with my baby girl before heading back to work…yep, going back full-time in a couple of weeks. It will be tough leaving my little lady, but I know it’s what is best for us both! She is such a social butterfly, talking to her toys, smiling and laughing; she needs to be in an environment that’s going to stimulate and develop her social skills. I have no doubt she will do great! Me, on the other hand, I’ll be a mess for the first week or so, but I LOVE my job and can’t see myself giving up on it right now. It is honestly my dream job. No one could write a better job description more perfect for all the tasks I like to do. I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to have a job where I wake up every day and can’t believe I actually get paid to do what I do! Since we will be apart during the day, it will make the time I spend with Kate even more special. I’ve figured out throughout this maternity leave that I’m not meant to be a stay at home mom; quite frankly I’m too lazy. I need a routine. And so does Kate. This way we both get what we need.


I was originally scheduled to go back to work on Monday, March 31, however, Kate is having surgery on Friday. A few weeks ago I noticed a firm spot at the very bottom, right of her stomach. I called the peds office to see if I could bring her in for someone to take a look. Sure enough, she was diagnosed with a hernia. Since the doctor wasn’t able to reduce the bulge, we were referred to Wake Med for a more thorough look. The doctor at Wake confirmed it was in fact an inguinal hernia, and fortunately he was able to reduce it. He contacted the on-call surgeon to see if immediate surgery was needed, or if we could wait. Since it was able to be reduced they decided we could wait. Thank goodness it wasn’t an emergency! We were given contact information of the surgeon and asked to make a consult appointment the next day. We showed up to the consult appointment, met with the surgeon (Dr. George Wadie – amazing! We were impressed with his knowledge and bedside manner. We have no doubt Kate is in good hands.), and scheduled the surgery ASAP for Friday, March 28th. Dr. Wadie confirmed Kate’s hernia and explained that since she has one on the right, there is a 5% chance that she also has another on her left side. While is he doing the surgery (which takes only 18 minutes!! Modern medicine is amazing, isn’t it?!) he will use a camera to check to see if that fascia also has a small opening. If so, he will repair the left side as well. Kate also has a belly button hernia, but doesn’t require surgery. Once she starts to walk and strengthens her stomach muscles, it should resolve itself. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers on Friday! I am sure Kate will be just fine, but Adam and I will both be a mess! Needless to say, I took an additional week off from work so that I can spend that time with my healing baby, although the surgeon explained that she should be totally fine, and we are to treat her “just like a normal baby,” within 48 hours after the procedure. Adam’s mom will be here, too, and I’m so thankful for her insight and expertise. It’s always nice to have her visit, but we especially appreciate her during this time.


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