36 Weeks


How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: About the size of a head of romaine lettuce 

Cravings: Mexican; Greek yogurt with blueberries, banana slices, almonds and honey; Decaf coffee

Symptoms: Feeling Kate move a bit more lately…sometimes it’s as if my stomach is going to jump off my body! It usually happens in the evening, so I’m not really around anyone, but it would probably be hysterical (and a bit embarrassing) to see someone’s facial expression who saw this out of control activity in my belly!

Sleep: I try sleeping in the bed. I start out there, because honestly, and I know this is cheesy, but I just love going to sleep and waking up next to my husband, but lately I just can’t get comfortable. Not at all. So I’ve been sleeping on the couch.

Gender: Baby girl

Weight Gain: Alright, I’ve officially gained 40 lbs. Doctor thinks it’s fine and my body is responding to Kate’s needs in the way that it should. I’m not eating anything crazy, I treat myself every now and then, but not any more than I did when I wasn’t pregnant…just trying to get in all those food groups and at least three different colors on my plate at all meals. So I’m just going to keep that up!

Names: Kate

Best moment of the week: I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. If you know me, you know I’m not a morning person. But I made it to my 8 am appt before 7:50! I just get so excited to hear her little heartbeat and see how she’s doing. I can’t wait to meet her! After my appt, Adam and I got our car seat bases installed! So that was exciting…We are so ready. Just waiting on our girl!


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