35 Weeks


How Far Along: 35 weeks…please excuse the outfit. And the hair. This was a work-from-home day.

Size of Baby: About the size of a bunch of swiss chard…a honey dew melon is more like it! I can’t wait until she’s the size of a watermelon..OMG, I can only imagine! Whew!

Cravings: Mexican food, shrimp, pineapple and pb&j

Symptoms: This week I headed into the dr’s office for a special, unexpected visit. On Sunday I noticed Kate wasn’t moving as much as she typically does. I felt some movement, but it was very small and not as strong. Monday, same thing. I ate a carrot cake cupcake from Gigi’s and drank a huge glass of ice water. Still, nothing…I begin to panic a little, honestly. I called the office and they had me come in for a quick listen. When I arrived they hooked me up for a NST and right away we heard Kate’s STRONG heartbeat…It was beating at about 130-140 bpm. The nurse shook my belly, trying to get Kate to move and to increase the heart rate, but she was stubborn (like her daddy…or is that me? ;)) and continued to sleep (okay, I’ll take full credit for being a good, sound sleeper!). A few minutes later she woke up and begin moving around a little. You could hear it on the monitor, a lot of swooshing, and her heart rate increased to around 150-160. I sat there for a few minutes longer until the nurse came in to look at the little richter scale -looking paper. “Did you realize you’re having contractions? You don’t feel that tightening in your stomach?” What.in.the.world?! Contractions? I had no idea…after taking a look at the paper I saw the little mountains…or hills rather. They were evenly spaced, but nothing to be concerned about at this point. The nurse left and dr came in and confirmed the contractions, but again assured me that there is nothing really to be concerned with at this point. However, if they continue and I go into actual labor she will not stop it…not this late in the game. She suggested I go home, rest and drink plenty of fluids. So that’s what I’m doing! I can’t wait to meet our sweet girl, but I’m not ready yet! I’m hoping for at least two more weeks…three would be nice.


Here’s a portion of the results from the test. Kate’s heartbeat is on the top and my “contractions” are on the bottom.

PS Tuesday Kate was back to her normal self. Poking, shaking, making my stomach move like she’s riding a roller coaster. That’s the spirit little girl! Stay happy in there just a little while longer!

Sleep: Just can’t seem to get comfortable. Same story, different day.

Gender: A little lady

Weight Gain: Who knows…I’m really not concerned about this right now. I tell you what matters…losing the weight (whatever that amount is) after Kate is here and healthy!

Names: Miss Kate Miller

Best moment of the week: My work family surprised me with the sweetest baby shower on Wednesday! I literally had no idea. The best part was Adam showed up as I was on the phone with an agent and I had to hurry to get her off the phone to talk to him! I was in complete and total shock! So happy! I then KNEW what was going on. We went down to the conference room where everyone was waiting, and had catered Chipotle (someone did their homework…as I mentioned above, these girls, me and Kate, love Mexican!!). They had wrapped gifts and decorated with balloons. It was so cute and perfect. Adam and I opened the gifts, of course everyone was far too generous, and then he had to make his way back to work. I cannot believe that everyone kept it a secret and no one slipped up….not even Adam. Which he will admit, he’s good at…ask him about the time we went to NYC for my birthday. Or the Wizard of Oz tickets to DPAC. Poor guy is just too honest! Anyway, the shower was great and I so appreciate everyone coming together to celebrate Kate! Only one month from tomorrow, EXACTLY!



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