Four Great Things About Being Pregnant


I’ll be honest. Pregnancy is a bit tougher than I expected…and I’ve had a VERY easy one! I wasn’t sick at all, I’ve only had a few headaches here and there, and I’ve had no swelling worth complaining about…but it makes you tired. Really tired. And now that I’m in the third trimester, on the home stretch, it’s getting tough to get comfortable enough to sleep. Body making a baby + no sleep = exhausted. Anyway, there are some advantages to pregnancy (besides the obvious, having a sweet, snugly baby that’s all the best parts of you and your partner). Here are a few I’ve experienced so far during my pregnancy.

People want to carry stuff for you. Last week I went to Sherwin Williams to pick up some paint samples for work; this was the day it was FREEZING cold outside (you know which day I’m talking about…fortunately we’ve had a mild winter!) and the lady who checked me out insisted she carry out my paint cans so she could “get some fresh air.” It was so nice! Oh, and she told the people waiting in line behind me “be right with you.”

You can blame forgetfulness on “baby brain.” Which I think is a real thing, I don’t care what the experts say. I literally read a work email last week, totally understood it, but responded with the opposite response of what I meant to say! Whhhattt? I’m crazy. All of my energy is being used to make a baby right now, sorry I can’t function…or communicate efficiently.

People are friendlier. They smile at you. They offer you their seat. And hold the elevator door for you even when you can tell they’re in a bit of a hurry. They give you free food. They tell you about their pregnancy experience (or their TMI birth story), their kids, or when they were a kid. It’s a lot of fun and a neat way to connect with strangers. Why can’t people be this friendly when I’m not 35 lbs heavier?

Cry and let it all out. Seriously though. Sometimes songs on the radio (like “You had a bad day” by Daniel Powter) make me cry. Commercials on TV make me so emotional. It’s hormones I swear…and I’m even more of a hormonal mess because I’m growing another GIRL! I’m essentially TWO girls right now…my poor husband! (Thanks for your patience and understanding, Adam!)

While I am SO excited about meeting our little lady, I’m going to miss some things about pregnancy. Overall this has been an amazing experience and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been given this opportunity. I cannot think of a more important or rewarding job than being a parent. Hurry up Kate! I can’t wait to cuddle with you (in approximately 5ish weeks! Eeeek!).


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  1. Steph

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree with all of these! 🙂 And while people don’t do quite as much for you as they do when your are pregnant, there are a lot of people willing to lend a helping hand when you have a baby in tow. That might change as they get older, but at least it does continue for a little while!

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