30 Weeks


How Far Along: 30 weeks

Size of Baby: Cucumber, but fatter…she’s gaining lots of weight now!

What’s up: Yay I got a photo this week! I’m getting ready to catch up on thank you notes and blog posts while listening to Christmas music.

Cravings: This is a new one: spaghetti, hot chocolate and always chicken nuggets. And water with lemon. I can’t get enough!

Symptoms: Feeling a bit better this week, not as tired, but def can’t imagine getting any larger…but we’ve got 10 more weeks so I know it’s going to happen! But we’ll be fine…as long as Kate’s growing and is healthy is all that matters.

Sleep: I’m still getting 6ish or more hours a night…even though I wake up at 12:50 am and could swear it’s 5 am. So of course then I have to browse Pinterest, or address thank you notes…or read a book for the following 2 hours to fall back to sleep.

Gender: A squirmy little girl.

Weight Gain: 29 lbs…basically a hefty toddler. But like I said, as long as the dr is happy with it, and Kate’s growing strong a healthy I’m not worried about it.

Names: Kate

Best moment of the week: Hearing Kate’s strong heartbeat at the dr’s appointment on Thursday.

Looking forward to: We’ve schedule a 3d/4d ultrasound for Tuesday! I cannot wait! Side note: I always said I would never do one of these ultrasounds…what’s the point? You’re going to see that baby’s face soon enough anyway. However, if I’ve learned anything about “parenthood” up to this point is never say never. I’m doing ALL of the things I said I would never do!


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