22 Weeks


How Far Along: 22 weeks

Size of Baby: Spaghetti Squash, a small doll, a head of cabbage.

What’s up: Heading to Ashlee and Will’s wedding (finally 😉 )

Cravings: Nothing out of the norm. Chicken nuggets, carrots and hummus, juice, string cheese…

Sleep: It’s okay…I broke down and bought a snoogle…I’m not sure I understand it’s worth yet, though. I still prefer my balled-up blankets and three pillows…

Gender: A very active baby girl

Weight Gain: I haven’t weighed since my last appointment, so honestly I have no idea! It doesn’t really exist until I see it on the scale, right?

Names: K.G.M.

Symptoms: Um, where did these leg cramps come from? I ran a half marathon once and I never got leg cramps…::just a piece of advice, when having a cramp in your calf, do NOT point your toes….flex them back. Trust me on this one!::

Pondering: What will I be doing when it’s “time”? I think not knowing when it’s going to happen is what I’m most nervous about!

Looking forward to: Wearing regular clothes again…I am so over these maternity clothes. I just want to dress cute again…I promise I’ll make more of an effort!


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