20 Weeks


How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of Baby: A banana…ironic I was craving bananas last week?

What’s up: The usual, on my way out the door headed to the office.


Cravings: FOOD! And unfortunately my sweet tooth is back…I want fruit snacks, ice cream and cake!

Sleep: Still sleeping just fine!

Gender: A “sugar and spice and everything nice” little GIRL!

Weight Gain: Still 10 lbs…I’ll take it!

Names: Katherine Grace…we’ll call her Kate

Symptoms: Okay, something is going around and I’ve got it! Started out as a sore throat, now it’s a sinus mess…this z pak should knock it out in a few days…I hope!

Pondering: What will Kate be like? I hope she’s a good sleeper like me and not her daddy! He barely sleeps a wink!

Looking forward to: Our next appointment when we can hear her little heart beat again…nothing in the world like it!


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