2012 in Review


So here it is the middle of March, and I’m somehow just now getting around to reflecting on last year. I guess it’s true what they say: ” Better late than never.”

My 2012 was overall a wonderful year! It’s so crazy to me how quickly time passes as I get older. I remember growing up wishing for summer, and then wishing for school to start. Never satisfied….now I just wish there was MORE time!

So here’s what I was up to last year…

  • Vegas! I even won some money!
  • Celebrated one year with the man of my dreams
  • Traveled to Spain for three weeks (first dip in the Mediterranean Sea)
  • Watched a Barca vs Real Madrid Futball Game
  • Spent six month apart from Adam (boo!)
  • Bought a new car!
  • Became an Aunt (check out my stud of a nephew)
  • Made it all the way to the west coast, finally
  • Found my career and true passion – Real Estate
  • Ran my first half marathon
  • Won my Fantasy Football League (beginner’s luck for sure)
  • And I started this blog…

I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of 2013!

PS The collage was made with http://www.photovisi.com.


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