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In preparation for the half marathon in November, I’ve joined the Complete Runner group with Capital Run Walk in Cameron Village to keep me accountable and motivated. This past Wednesday was our first meeting. We met at the store and ran about two miles to St. Mary’s. Then we ran (barefoot!) six strides on the grass. For the cool down, we ran directly back to the store, about one mile. It was so great to run with a group of people! It made me feel like I was part of a team again.

After the run I purchased a new pair of shoes (since I was still wearing a pair from four years ago!). I absolutely love them! The sales person watched me walk and recommended the Brooks Adrenaline to help with my feet rolling out a little bit. I had purchased a pair of Brooks about a year ago and absolutely hated them! No wonder…I found out I’ve been wearing my running shoes too small….about a size and a half too small! My new shoes are absolutely perfect! I feel like I’m running on clouds. 🙂

This past Saturday was my first long run! We met at Umstead Park and ran seven miles! It was pretty hot and humid, but we made it! I’m looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday for some more speed and form work!

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