Weekend Recap: A Visit from a Friend, Bridal Shower and Lemonade with a Twist

This weekend one of my very best friends, Allison, came to visit me all the way from Dallas! I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it was wonderful to spend some quality girl time with one of my favorites! She arrived on Friday around noon. We grabbed lunch at Panera since there isn’t one close to where she lives, and then we went browsing around Raleigh. Friday night we went to dinner at Market Restaurant and got dessert at Escazu. If you haven’t been this summer, they are serving up some delicious push-up pops. Yes, like the Flintstones ones you prob ate as a kid (the nerds kind was the best!). Anyhow, these are way better. You must try one! And I promise you won’t stop at just one…

On Saturday we started our day with a walk around the neighborhood. Then I had to run to a bridal shower for one of my other dearest friends in Raleigh. What a wonderful bridal shower! Lots of good food and even better company!

I served what is becoming my signature summer drink: Strawberry Basil Lemonade. Just in case you’re in a bind and need something fancy quick, try this!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of girl time with my best friends…and watching the Olympics, of course!

What did you get into this weekend?


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