Since we got home at 2:30 am on Sunday from Vegas (recap forthcoming), Adam and I spent most of Sunday resting and watching basketball. Late that evening, Berk and I were sleeping on the couch, totally relaxing…no problems what so ever. I woke up and decided I was going to go to the kitchen to get something to drink…not so fast. Apparently I startled Berkley and my “sudden movement” scared him! He totally FREAKED and BIT ME ON THE LIP! #VERYBadDog!!!

When I realized I was bleeding I sailed up and into the kitchen to rinse off the wound. I took a little peak in the mirror hanging on the wall in our family room…not good. I knew immediately that I needed stitches. So off we went to Johnston Medical Center.

I left the medical center with six stitches on my upper lip, and was greeted by a very apologetic pup when I got home. (Yes, he was scolded immediately after the incident happened, and he def knows he acted out of line). The bright side is I’ve been able to eat lots of my favorite foods, like mashed potatoes, milkshakes and jello. And the good news is I went for my check up this morning and the stitches are coming out first thing Friday morning! 🙂


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