Totally Tubular 80’s Mystery Party and MJ

Last weekend Adam and I hosted a murder mystery party! I had mentioned several months ago that I would like to do a Las Vegas themed mystery party for Adam’s birthday, but he wasn’t exactly on-board with that idea. So as a surprise, he contacted some of our friends to see if there was any interest, bought the packet online and began planning the party. Because attending an event like this is pretty involved (each person is assigned a character and is sent a description and suggestions for a costume), Adam ended up telling me a couple of weeks in advance so I could prepare. I enjoyed being in character until the mystery was solved and I think the others did, too. We will def host another mystery party! Here are a few pictures…

And I made cupcakes of course!

I also went to the Michael Jackson ‘s Cirque du Soleil show last Sunday, and it was awesome! When Brooke, her roommate and I got to the third floor of the PNC Arena (formerly the RBC Center), we were told our seats had been upgraded from level 300 to level 100!!! Good news right off the bat.! Before heading downstairs, we decided to stop at he concession window to get a few things since the lines were short. Well, apparently with the name change they have also implemented new rules; Brooke bought a bottle of water but wasn’t allowed to keep the cap! A $5 water and they wouldn’t even let her keep the cap…I’d like to know the reasoning behind that rule…

Anyway, the show was a wonderful tribute to the King of Pop! I really love old school MJ from his Jackson Five days, and was so excited when they played “ABC.” I was super impressed with some of the talent acts, including the cellist and the  acrobatics. I was, however, disappointed with some of the malfunctions in the costumes (a couple of the light-up costumes didn’t work properly) and I felt uncomfortable with the whole “stripper” routine. It was bit raunchy in my opinion. All in all, it was a fun afternoon activity and I enjoyed it!

I can’t wait to see the Queen of Pop in November! 😉


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