Friday Links – Valentine’s Edition

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I’m devoting this Friday Links to the most beloved holiday of the year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

For guys who are thinking of proposing this Vday, many companies are now offering a one-stop shop! Pizza Hut, for example, is offering a special that includes limo service, a ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, a personal videographer, along with breadsticks and a medium cheese pizza for the first ten people who place the order. This is not a joke .

I’m all about supporting local…check out Cary Magazine’s list of “Local Lovin”‘ for some really great gift ideas. I would also like to add one more local business that I’m surprised didn’t make the list. Escazu Chocolates makes their own chocolate on site and it’s absolutely fantastic! Adam and I stopped by during a food tour several months ago and sampled several of their truffles and chocolate bars. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Who remembers when Gwyneth Paltrow was everywhere? She was on Glee, she wrote a cookbook, she came out with a country album…all in the span of 6 months. There isn’t anything GP apparently can’t do! She even offers great Love Day tips via her fan newsletter, Goop.

And of course I have a Pinterest board devoted to Valentine’s Day that includes recipes, crafts, gifts, etc.

So, I get it…not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. The following links are for you:

And that’s all I’ve got because I personally love a holiday that’s all about showing someone you care.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you have any special traditions?

Adam and I have a mall date planned for tomorrow (I can’t wait to fill you in on the cheesy details!), and I’m going to a one-year-old’s birthday party on Sunday. The theme is “Winter One-derland” how cute, right? Stay tuned for pics.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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  1. Christopher R. Kimball

    Pizza Hut….Nom. Nom. Nom. I don’t know how psyched any woman would be if she got popped the question among other family members stuffing their faces full of pizzas with cheese-filled crust. Just saying. Have a good weekend.

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