Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012

Complete the Krispy Kreme Challenge: check. Another item I can check off my bucket list! I didn’t actually eat ALL 12 of my doughnuts, but I completed the run and can now say I’ve experienced the race. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. Take a look at the pictures I captured during the event, below.

For anyone interested in participating next year, here are a few tips based on my experience.

  • If you’re going to carry your doughnuts back with you bring a bag or something to carry them back in…I ran 2.5 miles carrying a box of doughnuts. It wasn’t too tough, just annoying.
  • Make sure your playlist is long enough….I didn’t anticipate it taking me one hour to complete five miles. However, there were so many people that it literally took me 12 minutes just to make my way through the Krispy Kreme stop. People were literally sitting down in the middle of the course to eat their doughnuts!
  • Bring your own water….I didn’t see any water the whole race! Even after crossing the finish line there was nothing!

Overall it was a lot of fun! The weather was perfect! Looking forward to KKC 2013!

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