Krispy Kreme Challenge

Three weeks from today, Adam and I will be running in the eighth annual Krispy Kreme Challenge. This event was created while I was a student at State but for whatever reason I was never able to participate. This year I don’t have any conflicts and I can’t wait to cross it off my bucket list.

Basically runners start at the NCSU Bell Tower, run 2.5 miles to the local Krispy Kreme on Peace Street, eat a dozen doughnuts (a whopping 2,400 calories and 144Β grams of fat) and then run the 2.5 miles back to the starting line. All of the eating and running must be completed in an hour or less. I’ve heard there is a new, slightly longer route this year that’s supposed to decrease some of the congestion. I just hope I can keep up! All of the proceeds from the Krispy Kreme Challenge are donated to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

In preparation for my run, I’m trying to come up with a playlist to keep me motivated. So far my lists includes the following songs:

  • Neon Trees – Animal
  • Blues Traveler – Run Around
  • Rihanna – You Da One
  • Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
  • Britney Spears – Till The World Ends
  • Coldplay – Paradise
  • The Fray – Heartbeat

What do you listen to while exercising? Any suggestions?

PS You can still register!


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  1. Adam Miller

    The Ataris – Boys of Summer (Cover)

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