Friday Links

TGIF! The weekend is here and I’m so excited it’s a long one! I def can use an extra day of down time.

On Monday morning I received an email that included a list of words I can no longer use in 2012…So far I’ve only used one: baby bump (while I was having a discussion about Beyonce’s alleged surrogate).

How excited are you for Hunger Games to be released (I know personally March 23 can’t come soon enough)? Check out these movie promo pics. Can you believe Effie Trinket is played by Elizabeth Banks? I honestly would have had no clue!

Also, Taylor Swift recently released a song that’s going to be featured on the HG soundtrack. It’s not Taylor’s typical teenage, poppy self, but I actually really like it! Enjoy!

For all my wedding planning friends, this link is for you. Lots of neat ideas to add a personal touch to your wedding celebration.

I stumbled upon this video of the president and thought it was absolutely hilarious! How long did this take to put together, I wonder?

Who remembers the old, colorful apple logo?


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