Introducing Friday Links

We finally made it! Whew, I can’t believe this work week was only four days…it felt like a 10! I’ve decided Friday posts are going to include my favorite sites and links from around the web that week. So here we go…

Here’s a good song to kick off the weekend…you can’t help but be in a good mood after listening to this: Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep [Disclaimer: I didn’t realize exactly what Wiz was saying until I Googled the chorus to find the video on YouTube….I honestly just really enjoy the beat. But I managed to find a clean version. o:)]

Sitting at a desk all day every day can start to get to you. Check out the CorePlus Reformer for a piece of equipment that can strengthen and tone without having to deal with or find the space for a bulky machine.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of all the negativity online these days. “De-friending” on Facebook, Twitter spats, etc…Why can’t people just be polite? Join Real Simple next week for Be Nice on the Internet Week and let’s all just play nice.

Looking for a good Valentine’s Day gift? Check out this cute baby moon + star necklace. [Enter “luckydaily5” at checkout to save 50 percent. Offer valid until 11 am Jan. 7] *hint hint Adam*

I started reading this book last week. It is really cute! Anybody looking for an easy, light read should def check it out!

And check out this weather! Whatever your plans are this weekend I hope they include being outside. Unfortunately it may be one of the last “warm” weekends this winter. I’m looking forward to some downtime at home with the hubs and pup.


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